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On this site, you can find information about some of the organizations and businesses that Steve Gruverman and Marie Wendt are involved with.

  • Information about Marie's programs of folk dancing from around the world can be found on the International Traditions pages.

  • For international folk dancing in the southern Maine, check out this blog.

    For more on some of Steve's musical activities check out these links to bands he plays in:

    Flying Tomatoes (International Folk Dance)

    Casco Bay Tummlers (Klezmer)

What's a "lesnoto", anyway?

I've been told it means "the simple one" in Macedonian and it refers to a relaxed line dance from the Balkans that's usually done to music in a lilting 7/8 meter. There are many beautiful lesnoto melodies and we usually choose one to end our folk dances.

You can find a little more information and a description of the dance steps here.

Click here to hear an example, "Kostursko", as played by the Flying Tomatoes.

  (You can order the CD, "Rags to Racenicas" from the Folk Art Center of New England's
"Little Shop of Horas").